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Untitled by kristinkat
Didn't really get too many photos of myself as Carol at NYCC this year so I was happy to rewear her at Special Edition! Love this shot.

The costume itself was made out of 4-way stretch spandex. I drafted the leotard pattern myself, appliquéd the lightning bolt on the front using iron on interfacing and a zig-zag stitch The boot covers are sewn to Capezio dance tights. Gloves are normal gloves and the mask is craft foam I glued to my face, haha.

Photo by Odin's Iris

Black Canary | Special Edition NYC by kristinkat
Black Canary | Special Edition NYC
Hi guys! I've been MIA for a while due mostly to the fact that I was in Japan for 4 months! Now I'm back in New York and itching to get back into the cosplay game. This weekend I went to Special Edition NYC for the second year and had a total blast! Here's a photo of my Black Canary costume I wore on Sunday to match my friends Zatanna costume. I already owned the boots and jacket and bought the bodysuit so there's nothing interesting about it construction wise. Still had a lot of fun ;D

Photo by Tom DeRosa

This kitten's got claws by kristinkat
This kitten's got claws
Was feeling nostalgic for NYCC and realized I never posted this :x

The bodysuit is a four panel catsuit made out of a 4 way stretch faux-leather using a pattern I drafted myself. Gloves are gusseted and the fingers finish to a point to look like sharp kitty claws - they turned out a little lumpy but photograph pretty well. The belt is just braided craft foam attached to a big plastic buckle.  Goggles are craftfoam glued onto sunglasses, haha.

Photo by Edgar Bonifacio

Cosplay Year in Review by kristinkat
Cosplay Year in Review
★Cosplay Year in Review★

Wow, I got a lot done this year. Considering I only made two costumes last year, this is pretty impressive!

Dahlia Hawthorne ★ Made sort of on a whim after beating Trials and Tribulations, because I love her swagger. Her horrible, horrible, swagger. This costume was a bit of a challenge, as it didn’t involve stretch fabric (tailoring? what’s that), and I had to custom make that damn trim. I’m not entirely satisfied with the result, but I think the umbrella is pretty damn cool. Photo by Bluucircless.

Hippolyta ★ Shnou Costumes and Felicis Rook Cosplay & Photography were planning their Fearless Defenders group and they were like “You should be Hippolyta” so I read the book and I was like yaaaass Hippolyta yaassss. It was fun to get back into armor making again, although I’m starting to realize how flimsy craft foam is in the long run. Also, it took me all of True Detective, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge and a season of Face Off to make those dreads. Possibly longer. I’d say it was therapeutic, but I started getting blisters on my hands. Wool + water = abrasion :K Photo by Felicis Rook

Ms. Marvel ★ I’ve actually only read the new Captain Marvel series, but I really like her old costume (and the new one! but this one doesn’t have pants). Pretty straightforward leotard + boot covers. Biggest pain was the gloves, and picking out the interfacing from the applique with tweezers. Photo by John Jiao Photography

Arrowette ★ Shnou and Latverian Sewing have been talking about doing a Young Justice group for years, so I’m really glad I got to help make it happen. Loved getting to hang out with my friends, and carry around a giant bow all day (even if I sometimes forgot how to hold it when I posed….oops). Photo by Janelle Bonano for Gamefront.

Shaundi ★ This is kind of cheating because the costume is 2 years old, but I remade the leggings and finally got a nice shoot for it. And Cae made her gross SR2 Shaundi to match! I love that our trashiest costumes arguably has the nicest photos. Thanks toBlanko Cosplay for shooting us!

Catwoman ★ I’ve wanted to be Catwoman foreverrrrr. She is my ideal form. I have some construction issues with the suit (my serger wasn’t working properly so its kind of effed in some places), but I’m really proud of it nonetheless. Photo by Edgar Bonifacio Photography

Kitty Pryde ★ Made after I marathoned x-Men Evolution while working on another costume. That is, I worked on it when I wasn’t busy sobbing over how perfect Kitty/Lance is and how there’s no fic for it :((((. I love the way this costume turned out. Hoping to get a shoot (and a full group!!!) this summer. Photo by Mild Mannered Cosplay Photography.

Bonus!Black Widows ★ Again, kind of cheating because I already had the catsuit, but me and Latverian Sewing are adorable enemy Russian spies.

★Goals for 2015★ are kind of the same as my goals for this year: Improve my craftsmanship, and get more shoots (stop relying on hall shots!) And always, having fun and looking cute as hell.

NYCC is almost here and I'm so excited! Here's my line up:

Friday: Ms. Marvel
Saturday: Arrowette from Young Justice
Sunday: Booster Gold

Hope to see you there!!

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I think I shot pix of you and your friends at last Saturday's Special Edition: NYCC. Have a look. If it's you, let me know of you want the pix. If not, sorry to bother you.…
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